Please see the latest from the Masonic Charitable Foundation as they launch their Christmas Campaign.


Christmas is a time of celebration, and this year we're taking the opportunity to celebrate all those who make our work possible.

From volunteers to fundraisers, beneficiaries to charities, staff members to supporters, the MCF simply wouldn't exist without you all.

Over the next six weeks, we'll be sharing personal stories from individuals up and down the country who have all played a part in the MCF's work, as a way of getting to know the people behind the MCF.


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“When my daughter became ill four years ago, we took in our two young grandchildren, Adam and Amymae. Of course we were very happy to have them live with us, but we didn’t realise just how much it would increase our outgoings. With two extra mouths to feed, the electricity bills and the cost of running them around to and from school, we really did start to struggle.

Having been an almoner for many years, I knew all about the MCF and got in touch to see if they could help. Thankfully the MCF agreed to help us out, not only with the everyday stuff, but also with grants to help them take part in karate, swimming and gymnastics. Being able to go out and take part in activites has really helped to take their minds off the difficulties they’ve had at home. They used to be so shy, but it’s really brought them out of their shell, and they’re so much more outgoing.

The MCF has been absolutely wonderful. There’s no question that the children wouldn’t have been able to do all these activities without the support of the MCF.” Roy, Lincolnshire

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